Flatwork Ironer
  • Flatwork Ironer

Durablelux ZEN Steam Flatwork Ironer RSX-125-130-225-230

1. The biggest feature of this products is Combined design allows flexibility in upgrading and future expansion when needed . Upgrading of single roller to double rollers or double roller to three roller can be easily carried out at site
2. Roller diameter is 800mm ,well-guided feeding design, the fabrics to be ironed are good touch with the roller surface more than 75% ,high efficiency iron
3. Reasonable differential design of the roller and big size ironing roller ,it has improved the ironing quality effectively
4. The Bigger roller are made of 304 Stainless steel, and others are made of galvanization ,durable in use and good corrosion resistance
5. Rollers are driven by gears and sprockets which drive smooth ,low noise and steady 6. With the Frequency inverter (VFD) , the ironing speed can be easily adjustable
7. Equipment with the safety guard to prevent accident when start ironing .The machine can not operation when the doors are not properly closed .E-Stop button is installed at the prominent location ,it is easy to control the machine
8. The ironing Machine is suitable for Launderette of hotel ,Hospital , school , Army , it is also used by laundry shop and garment manufactures widely

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