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Durablelux ZEN Series Automatic Folding Machine FMX-30-33

1. Newly developed ZD3000-V automatic folder;an essential option for flat work ironing machine where automatic folding application is
necessary. Precision folding capability,auto sheet width series and Huayi’s advanced intelligent control system makes the equipment simple
to operate and yet flexible in application.Equipped with user friendly MHI and operating program software.
2. Reliable micro-processor-based control system with touch screen display panel.
3. Two sets of independent motor drive systems each with VFD controller, folding speed of 50m/min.Total of five folds with two primary folds and
three cross folds. Maximum width of 3000×3000mm.
4. Self diagnostic fault alarm systems with display, safety operation control features,easy trouble shooting and daily maintenance.
5. Anti-static control feature improves operational efficiency and stability.


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