Durablelux MAX Series Washer Extractor MAX-SL (30-150)

1. Internal Drum Made of superior 304 stainless steel; Each internal drum has been put under dynamic balance test; Deviation of gravity center is less than 20g; Exquisite and durable.

2. Controller Pump personally tailored this type of controller for Lionix with advanced philosophy and great convenience.

3. Spring Cushioning Structure (Patent Number: 200820056884.2). Special Foundation is not required; Effective shock absorption can reach 95%; Moisture content of standard linen dehydration will be less than 70%.
4. Electric Motor and other Parts, Our electric motor is specialized type; Our frequency Converters are purchased from oversea famous brands; Our belt is made by Samsung; Bearings are made by American TWB; The seal ring of the principal axis adopts imported fluororubber type.


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