Durablelux MAX Series Spring Titling Washer Extractor MAX-SL-ST

1. Internal Bladder. Made of superior 304 stainless steel; Each internal bladder has been put under dynamic balance test; deviation of gravity center is less than 20g; Exquisite and durable.

2. Controller. Personally tailored the controller for Lionix with advanced concept, the vertical placement designing makes operation more convenient.

3. Under such structure, the shock absorption rate will exceed 95% requiring no specialized foundation. The moisture rate of standard linen after dehydration will be less than 70%.

4. Electric Motors and Other Parts. Our electric motor is Fuzhou specialized type; Our frequency convertersare are purchased from oversea famous brands; Our belt is made by Samsung; Our bearings are made by American TWB. Our main principal axis seal ring adopts imported fluororubber type.

5. Tilting designing would make it more convenient to load and unload clothes.

6. With spring cushioning structure, specialized foundation is unrequired for installation adn the effective shock absorption can exceed 95%.


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