Durablelux MAX Series Gas Flatwork Ironer MAX-RG

1. Safety: Automatic temperature controlling, automatic igniting, flame monitoring, flame-out protecting and alarm, indoor linkage exhaust fan and etc, ensure the gas safety.

2. Economy: 15kg LPG can iron 200kg linens,it is much cheaper than electric heating type.

3. Ironing efficiency: Seamless thick rolling cylinder with high thermal storage performance makes sure the cylinder have the high heat transmission effect; our setting of wrapping angels is big making the machine ironing stably and fast.

4. Combined structure: Combined type design makes it the rolling cylinder detachable and able to upgrade and reduce the costs.

5. Extended bedsheet output shaft design: Bedsheet output shaft is extended,it can be assorted with folding machine directly. And it can avoid electrostatic adsorption.

6. Collapsible work table: The work table is collapsible,It’s optional and convenient for the users.

7. Stainless steel isolating linens shaft: Stainless steel materail is strong and the shaft can be used for long time compared to the plastic one.

8. Belt guiding device: The belt guiding device is made from stainless steel, wear resisting,rust-proof and do not smear linens.

9. Daily using,maintenance and lifetime: The machine can run whole day continuously. It’s easy for maintenance. If you maintain it one time every 3-4 years,the machine lifetime can be lengthen 50% more than the laundry occupation standard.

10. The drum surface finish is special treated, the ironing performance improved a lot, it is closed to chest type ironing machine.


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