Durablelux MAX Series Eco Steam Dryer ECO-DG

1. Adjustable and Economic. A jar of 15 kg liquefied gas (about 7.6 cubic meters)  can dry more than 200kg fabrics. Each kilogram of gas quite less than the electric heating type.

2. Drying Efficiency. Large diameter, large leaf blade design, special air duct structure, special bladder with larger hole density and unidirection and bidirection rotation shifting function would smooth the ventilation, improve the heat exchange efficiency, quickly absorb the heat into the bladder, and shorten the drying time. Compared with congeneric products, this type of product
time by 5-10 minutes.

3. Drying Efficiency. Fabrics after drying are fluffy, soft and of with good hand feelings.

4. Fuel Gas Elements. Adopting composite metal net infrared ray burner, the machine can make the fuel fully burned and the dried clothes’ color unchanged.

5. Security of the Fuel Gas. Adopting the temperature controlling system, automatic lighting system, flame testing system, flameout protection and alarming system and the indoor extractor fan linkage system to ensure the security.


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