• Durablelux MAX Series Barrier Washer Extractor MAX-B

    1. All the components and parts which touch with water are made by stainless steel such as inner drum,out door,water inlet valve, water outlet valve, heating pipes etc. The outer panels are made by SS304 too, easy to clean.
    2. The inner drum adopt double finishing ways manual polish and electropolishing. The surface is smooth, do not damage the linens. The unique baffle structure, it can avoid the small linens drop out.
    3. With originally packed German airbag suspension system, the high speed operation with tiny shock,low noise can be ensured. AND it does not need any foundation.100% foundation free.
    4. The inner drum is horizontal set,two sides bearing support,run smooth and stable, high extractor facto and long lifetime.


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  • DURABLELUX Industrial Barrier DSB Series

    1. Touch Screen Control (for Alt Language Consult Factory)
    2. PC programmable. Programs can be transferred with Memory Cards
    3. Automatic Door Positioning
    4. PLC assisted Control
    5. Extract Force 320G
    6. 5 Compartment Supply Dispenser for Dry and Liquid Chemicals
    7. 8 Signals for Central Liquid Chemical Supply. Expandable to 10
    8. Stainless Steel Cabinet. All parts in contact with wash solution made of 304 (18/8) stainless steel
    9. Prepared for Direct Steam Injection
    10. Inverter Drive – Programmable Variable Speed
    11. Single and Double Motor Drive
    12. Robust Air Cushion Suspension (Except SB 60 and SB 80 which are spring and shock absorber suspension)
    13. Cool Down
    14. Programmable Water Levels
    15. Programmable Water Temperature
    16. Straight Down Drain for Drain Pit
    17. Electrical System Standard 380-415V / 50Hz /3Ph, 208-240V / 60Hz /3Ph, 440-460V / 60Hz / 3Ph
    18. Built in Vacuum Breaker
    19. Variable frequency drive




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  • Durablelux ZEN Barrier Washing Extractor BX-35-50-70-100

    1. Our newly designed CX series Barrier Washer Extractor meets the need of bacteria-free dust-free and anti-static requirements. Utilizing the
    Barrier Washer Extractor and wall partition, the laundry room can be easily divided into two separate independent operating zones, Viz: ‘Clean’
    and ‘Non-Clean’ zones.
    2. Launderettes will be loaded into the washing machine through the loading door from the ‘Non-Clean’ zone. When washing is completed,
    unloading will be carried out from the ‘Clean’ zone. Under such operation, it effectively prevents gems, bacteria and dust from ‘Non-Clean’ section
    polluting the ‘Clean’ zone. Thus it prevents clean laundry from being contaminated and get infected again after washing.
    3. CX Series Barrier Washer Extractors are of advanced design, well fabricated, economical to operate, easy maintenance and of high
    performance. They are widely used by hospital. food and pharmaceutical factories, nuclear power plants etc where extremely strict dust and
    bacteria-free environment are being observed.


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