• Durablelux ZEN Wet Cleaning WCX22

    1. Simple panel buttons, one button start, no complex operations,
    2. Intelligent automatic control, without manual process control.
    3. According to different clothing, choose different washing scheme, wash more clean, more economical.
    4. Remote location and tracking function, the national electronic map GS real-time display.
    5. Remote real-time monitoring and implementation of Internet of things.
    6. WEB interface display, realize the real cloud platform.
    7. Automatic alarm of equipment malfunction, prompting maintenance personnel to overhaul.
    8. A specific locking machine function for a specific application.


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  • Durablelux ZEN Washer Extractor SLX 15-20

    1. Adopt to hard-wired xed system.
    2.Can Set up the coin operation function.
    3.Detergent box inside of the machine, it can avoid
    corrosion clothesr.
    4.Large drum made of high quality stainless steel
    reduce damage from garment.
    5.Reasonable drainage structure will keep the
    room clean.
    6.Computer can set up all the program according
    to your required.
    7. Safety door latch and control linkage.
    8. Suitable for hotel, guesthouse, laundry shop,


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  • Durablelux ZEN Washer Extractor SLX-30-50-70-100

    1. Automatic and programmable controlling system with touch screen , which has character of reliable , high degree of automation
    and good shock resistance.
    2. Adopted to the most advanced international suspension structure(full suspension shock absorb) to absorb vibration , improved the
    vibration absorbing structure from hard impact into hydraulic damper spring compression, that the machine will get no vibration
    even in the building of skyscraper,
    3. Drum is made of stainless steel , corrosion resistance and durable,
    4. All closed , front loading and unloading / water inlet and outlet at the back of machine .
    5. Using high precision converter motor and famous brand frequency inverter the machine running smooth and reliable.


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