LIONIX Extractor EX-25-35-50-70-100

    1. Three-point suspension shock absorer stucture, ensures smooth running and low vibration.
    2.The machine is generally used together with the Industrial washing machine, can also be used to the dehydration
    chemical and pharmaceutical product




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    LIONIX Horizontal Washer Capsule CX-35-50-70-100

    1. Machine panels,internal drum,and door window are made of high grade
    stainless steel which can withstand rust and corrosion
    3.Manual or computer-controlled operating system , flexible to operate
    4. Big washing capacity , good effect



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    LIONIX Horizontal Washer Capsule CX-200-250-300

    1. XGP series horizontal industrial washer incorporate various outstanding
    features which are evident in other imported washers
    2. The machine is made of high quality stainless steel ,design reasonable ,easy to
    operate and maintain ,stable working and long life
    3. Big size washing drum which can reduce labor intensity ,improve labor efficiency
    and energy saving
    4. Suitable for different textile material like cotton fabrics , woolen clothing , linden
    and other polyester fabrics
    5. It is use by hospitals , guesthouse , School and mining companies




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    LIONIX Wet Cleaning WCX22

    1. Simple panel buttons, one button start, no complex operations,
    2. Intelligent automatic control, without manual process control.
    3. According to different clothing, choose different washing scheme, wash more clean, more economical.
    4. Remote location and tracking function, the national electronic map GS real-time display.
    5. Remote real-time monitoring and implementation of Internet of things.
    6. WEB interface display, realize the real cloud platform.
    7. Automatic alarm of equipment malfunction, prompting maintenance personnel to overhaul.
    8. A specific locking machine function for a specific application.


    LIONIX Stack Washer Dryer SWDX15

    1.Commercial vended stack washer dryer is based on the organic integration of the washing machine,dehydration machine and dryer. It has three functions washing,dehydration and drying. Fully automatic Stack-able washer and dryer machine is composed of the upper and lower parts.It is the
    first domestic double vertical structure model which can be divided into two parts,the upper part is dryer,the lower part is washing and dehydration machine.

    2.Washing,dehydration and drying conduct centralized control all by computer board.A machine completely replace the traditional washer extractor and dryer two machines.The whole machine structure is reasonable and compact,the occupied space can save 100%.

    3.Can Set up the coin operation function.




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    LIONIX Gas Dryer DGX-15-25-35-50-70-100

    1. Newly developed energy saving industrial dryers.Easy to operate, wide drying applications.Special features include.
    2. High heating efficiency, convenient to use, suitable for LPG or LNG. Low energy consumption, fast heat exchange and efficient heat energy application.
    3. Drum with well spread large punched holes which ensure sufficient hot airflow so that clothing is evenly dried.
    4. Big loading/unloading door design to allow easy loading/unloading. Door rim is being designed so that clothing can be uploading from drum with ease.
    Equipped with safety door lock to prevent drum from rotating when loading door being opened.
    5. “Pull out”type of filter system which allow easy cleaning. It has powerful suction fan with large blade to facilitate good air flow and preventing ducting
    get stuck with dust and dirt.
    6. V-belt driven with speed reduction. Low noise level,low vibration,durable and easy to maintain.
    7. Micro-processor control system allows drying time and temperature setting using soft-touch key pad.The controller is well fitted to give good physical
    8. This equipment is suitable for high speed drying of different kinds of knit wears and garments. Alternate choice for those launderettes where steam supply
    is not available.It also satisfies the requirement of those garment manufacturers who need efficient and fast drying for their per-wash manufactured





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    LIONIX Electric and Steam Dryer DEX/DSX-15-25-35-50-70-100

    1. The drum is made of high grade stainless steel which has high corrosion resistance. Equipment with
    automatic control temperature and drying time
    2. Adopt to the second level of triangle transmission, simple structure, operational reliability and ease of maintenance
    3. The fan use large space model of impeller, it is not easy plush jamming
    4. Install the cooling device, on the end of drying will blowing the cold wind to the drum. It will shorten cooling time
    5. Big size door easy for loading and unloading clothes
    6. Different heating system for choose: Steam or Electric for choose




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    LIONIX Gas Flatwork Ironer RGX-125-130-225-230

    1. Simple chain drive mechanism with single motor
    2. Heating roll made of high quality galvanized drum and coated with chrome
    3. Large contact area of 200 degree to maximum heating exchange
    4. Variable speed frequency inverter control, users can choose the suitable speed for different textiles.
    5. Gradual speed increment between rolls to improve ironing quality by stretching effect
    6. Equipped with finger protection bar
    7. Simple control with on/off button
    8. Heating roll and guide shaft drive simultaneously
    9. Importen gas/LPG burner saves 30% gas/LPG consumption.


    LIONIX Steam Flatwork Ironer RSX-125-130-225-230

    1. The biggest feature of this products is Combined design allows flexibility in upgrading and future expansion when needed . Upgrading of single roller to double rollers or double roller to three roller can be easily carried out at site
    2. Roller diameter is 800mm ,well-guided feeding design, the fabrics to be ironed are good touch with the roller surface more than 75% ,high efficiency iron
    3. Reasonable differential design of the roller and big size ironing roller ,it has improved the ironing quality effectively
    4. The Bigger roller are made of 304 Stainless steel, and others are made of galvanization ,durable in use and good corrosion resistance
    5. Rollers are driven by gears and sprockets which drive smooth ,low noise and steady 6. With the Frequency inverter (VFD) , the ironing speed can be easily adjustable
    7. Equipment with the safety guard to prevent accident when start ironing .The machine can not operation when the doors are not properly closed .E-Stop button is installed at the prominent location ,it is easy to control the machine
    8. The ironing Machine is suitable for Launderette of hotel ,Hospital , school , Army , it is also used by laundry shop and garment manufactures widely