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    Durablelux MAX Series Eco Steam Dryer ECO-DS

    1.High power Heater. The Steam-heater is made up of stainless steel and is endurable.

    2. High power draught fan matching high power heater.

    3. Computer controller is personally tailored by Pump, a famous brand.

    4. Drawer type plush collector.

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    Durablelux MAX Series Eco Steam Dryer ECO-DG

    1. Adjustable and Economic. A jar of 15 kg liquefied gas (about 7.6 cubic meters)  can dry more than 200kg fabrics. Each kilogram of gas quite less than the electric heating type.

    2. Drying Efficiency. Large diameter, large leaf blade design, special air duct structure, special bladder with larger hole density and unidirection and bidirection rotation shifting function would smooth the ventilation, improve the heat exchange efficiency, quickly absorb the heat into the bladder, and shorten the drying time. Compared with congeneric products, this type of product
    time by 5-10 minutes.

    3. Drying Efficiency. Fabrics after drying are fluffy, soft and of with good hand feelings.

    4. Fuel Gas Elements. Adopting composite metal net infrared ray burner, the machine can make the fuel fully burned and the dried clothes’ color unchanged.

    5. Security of the Fuel Gas. Adopting the temperature controlling system, automatic lighting system, flame testing system, flameout protection and alarming system and the indoor extractor fan linkage system to ensure the security.


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    Durablelux MAX Series Steam Flatwork Ironer MAX-RS

    1. The large and main small rolling cylinders are made up of stainless steel.

    2. The frequency converting speed controlling system adopts international famous frequency converter.

    3. The bearings of principal axis and steam spinning joints adopt extensional settings to protect the machine from temperature changing.

    4. Combined type design makes the rolling cylinder detachable and able to upgrade into three rolling cylinder type. That makes it convenient for customers to upgrade and reduced the costs.

    5. With many years’experience, our setting of wrapping angles is at its perfect situation making the machine fast and flat.

    6. The drum surface finish is special treated, the ironing performance improved a lot,it is closed to chest type ironing machine.


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    Durablelux MAX Series Chest Flatwork Ironer MAX-RC

    1. Adopting imported spring, our machine can automatically adjust the pressing force according to the type of the linen.

    2. Unique gear speed reduction transmission structure enables stable rotation and convenient lifting and dropping to ensure the ironing speed and flatness of the linens.

    3. Efficient drying and exhausting system can timely pump the evaporated moisture and exhausted the air to ensure the slot staying dry and quickly dry the clothes.

    4. Frequency Converting, stepless frequency converting timing, self-functional-testing system, and single electric motor gearbox matching transmission system can enable steady running of the machine in order to adjust various kinds of linen ironing.

    5. Adopting specialized ultrahard and smoothening crafts, the ironing slot can ensure ideal ironing results.

    6. Convenient for Linking.This type of machine can be linked to any type of conveying and folding machine.

    7. Intelligent computer, touching switch, multipoint screen displaying of temperature, ironing speed and operational procedures. It’s easy to operate.


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    Durablelux MAX Series Gas Flatwork Ironer MAX-RG

    1. Safety: Automatic temperature controlling, automatic igniting, flame monitoring, flame-out protecting and alarm, indoor linkage exhaust fan and etc, ensure the gas safety.

    2. Economy: 15kg LPG can iron 200kg linens,it is much cheaper than electric heating type.

    3. Ironing efficiency: Seamless thick rolling cylinder with high thermal storage performance makes sure the cylinder have the high heat transmission effect; our setting of wrapping angels is big making the machine ironing stably and fast.

    4. Combined structure: Combined type design makes it the rolling cylinder detachable and able to upgrade and reduce the costs.

    5. Extended bedsheet output shaft design: Bedsheet output shaft is extended,it can be assorted with folding machine directly. And it can avoid electrostatic adsorption.

    6. Collapsible work table: The work table is collapsible,It’s optional and convenient for the users.

    7. Stainless steel isolating linens shaft: Stainless steel materail is strong and the shaft can be used for long time compared to the plastic one.

    8. Belt guiding device: The belt guiding device is made from stainless steel, wear resisting,rust-proof and do not smear linens.

    9. Daily using,maintenance and lifetime: The machine can run whole day continuously. It’s easy for maintenance. If you maintain it one time every 3-4 years,the machine lifetime can be lengthen 50% more than the laundry occupation standard.

    10. The drum surface finish is special treated, the ironing performance improved a lot, it is closed to chest type ironing machine.


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    Durablelux MAX Series Electronic Flatwork Ironer MAX-RE

    1. High power electric heating power made up of stainless steel.Electric Elements made by famous brands.

    2. With many years’ experience, we set the wrapping angle at its perfect condition which is flat and smooth.

    3. Frequency converting speed of controlling system made by international famous brands.

    4. The diameter of rolling cylinder is Φ800 which is made up of superior stainless steel.

    5. The drum surface finish is special treated, the ironing performance improved a lot,it is closed to chest type ironing machine.


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    Durablelux MAX Series Barrier Washer Extractor MAX-B

    1. All the components and parts which touch with water are made by stainless steel such as inner drum,out door,water inlet valve, water outlet valve, heating pipes etc. The outer panels are made by SS304 too, easy to clean.
    2. The inner drum adopt double finishing ways manual polish and electropolishing. The surface is smooth, do not damage the linens. The unique baffle structure, it can avoid the small linens drop out.
    3. With originally packed German airbag suspension system, the high speed operation with tiny shock,low noise can be ensured. AND it does not need any foundation.100% foundation free.
    4. The inner drum is horizontal set,two sides bearing support,run smooth and stable, high extractor facto and long lifetime.


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    Durablelux MAX Series Extractor MAX-X

    1. Horizontal Structure, Economical and useful.

    2. Adopting 304 stainless steel material drum, secure and reliable; Smooth surface will protect the clothes from damage, prolong the service period of the clothes.

    3. Simple operation, equipped manual emergency stop device, safe and reliable.

    4. Excellent dewatering effects.


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    Durablelux MAX Series Spring Titling Washer Extractor MAX-SL-ST

    1. Internal Bladder. Made of superior 304 stainless steel; Each internal bladder has been put under dynamic balance test; deviation of gravity center is less than 20g; Exquisite and durable.

    2. Controller. Personally tailored the controller for Lionix with advanced concept, the vertical placement designing makes operation more convenient.

    3. Under such structure, the shock absorption rate will exceed 95% requiring no specialized foundation. The moisture rate of standard linen after dehydration will be less than 70%.

    4. Electric Motors and Other Parts. Our electric motor is Fuzhou specialized type; Our frequency convertersare are purchased from oversea famous brands; Our belt is made by Samsung; Our bearings are made by American TWB. Our main principal axis seal ring adopts imported fluororubber type.

    5. Tilting designing would make it more convenient to load and unload clothes.

    6. With spring cushioning structure, specialized foundation is unrequired for installation adn the effective shock absorption can exceed 95%.


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